Ghost Recon : Future Soldier

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier

The future of 3rd person shooters?


  • Excellent multiplayer
  • Great customization options
  • Fun single player campaign


  • Linear single player

Very good

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a 3rd person shooter, where complete missions with a special forces squad called "Ghosts."

With a story set in the "near future," the Ghosts' equipment is theoretical gear that soldiers could potentially use. Besides the persistent digital interface that you see from the third-person view, you can also use recon drones, optical camouflage, and different visions to gain the upper hand during battle.


The single player story of Ghost Recon : Future Soldier has your team of Ghosts following the trail of an attack on another Ghost Recon team. You are tasked with connecting the dots of the attack and rescuing or arresting characters.

While the game has an open level gameplay style, it is actually very linear. Some missions require direct fire missions and others have you operating with complete silence. The boundaries of some missions require that you are not seen once or you fail.

But during the standard missions, you follow a path through the level and use equipment to always have the advantage. The variety in Ghost Recon : Future Soldier is great so you are not just stuck sneaking and can let loose with air strikes and grenade tossing.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier takes control of your teammates from you so you don't command them directly. The only directions you give focus around when you are tasking them with providing cover fire or lining up simultaneous takedowns. Otherwise, the game AI performs very well.

Using the other Ghosts as a team is the only way you will win some of the missions.


When you're not looking at the faces of the Ghosts or any other character in the game, Ghost Recon : Future Soldier looks great. There had to have been a balance between the amount of detail to the size of the maps. The Ghosts all have a signature appearance and thankfully, most enemies don't carry a copy-and-paste style.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier has a lot of environmental effects like destructible environments and particle effects. Even when using gas grenades, the smoke billows decently realistically. There are occasional glitches and pop-ups, but not enough to break the immersion in the game.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier may not be the most visually detailed military third-person shooter, but it serves the experience.


The multiplayer mode in Ghost Recon : Future Soldier is a robust combination of team objectives and weapon customization. Customizing your weapon is an in-depth and detailed process.

You can customize almost every part of the weapon from the stock, trigger, and barrel. Other customization are upgrading your optical sight, side-rails, and muzzle tip which all affect different attributes of the weapon during Ghost Recon : Future Soldier's multiplayer.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier's different game modes are all focused on team combat. While snipers are able to run off by themselves, other classes should work together to carefully maneuver around. Players can also use the same tools that they used during the single player campaign, like the recon drone and location grenades.

The experience system gives you unlocks for weapon parts, and completing single player challenges can also unlock new weapons. Players who run-and-gun may get some kills here and there, but a communicative team will succeed.

Decent single player, excellent multiplayer

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier has a fun single player campaign. The story may not make sense, but it is engaging enough to at least play through once.

Multiplayer in Ghost Recon : Future Soldier is excellent, because it offers a different kind of shooter experience. The high tech weapons of Ghost Recon : Future Soldier can change the course of the battles, but steady marksmen working in a team are the best strategy.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier is a great new chapter in the Ghost Recon series.

Ghost Recon : Future Soldier


Ghost Recon : Future Soldier

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